Chelated Magnesium, 250 mg, 90 Tablets

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What is Magnesium?

Magnesium is the second-most concentrated nutrient in the body next to calcium. It is a key electrolyte mineral that is naturally present in muscles, bones, and joints. This essential nutrient can be found in a variety of foods such as nuts, seeds, and legumes.

Nutritional Sources of Magnesium (per 100g)

Spinach: 87 mg (21% DV)

Pumpkin Seeds: 550 mg (131% DV)

Brown Rice: 44 mg (10% DV)

Almonds: 270 mg (64% DV)

Dark Chocolate:  228 mg (54% DV)

Chelated magnesium, is a special form of magnesium designed to enhance absorption.** Chelation is the process of binding a mineral compound together with an amino acid. This helps your body better absorb these minerals.** A chelated magnesium supplement is a preferred way to add magnesium to your vitamin regimen.

Lindberg Chelated Magnesium Supplement

- Magnesium (250 mg)

- Magnesium Oxide, Amino Acid Chelate

- Double Verified Gluten-Free

- Non-GMO Ingredients

- Convenient Daily Tablets

Magnesium plays a large role in supporting muscles, bones, and joints.** By creating this supplement as a chelated mineral, our Chelated Magnesium is more easily and efficiently absorbed by the body.** It is double verified gluten-free, and made with no GMO ingredients as part of our commitment to premium quality.

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