eco Shark Liver Oil, 500 mg, 200 Quick Release Softgels

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Supplementing with Shark Liver Oil

Not only are sharks arguably the most fascinating creatures in the sea, but they’re also a highly valuable source of nutrients! The oil derived from shark liver high contains the special compound alkoxylglycerol (AKG), squalene, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA). Shark liver oil has been used nutritionally in Scandanavian folk practices for centuries, because of its high concentration of omegas. A shark liver oil supplement can provide a convenient way to reap the benefits daily.

PipingRock Features

- Shark Liver Oil (500 mg)

- Minimum of 20% Alkoxyglycerols

- Quick-Release Softgels

- 200 Softgel Supply

Shark Liver Oil Formula

Get superior nutrients from the sea with PipingRock Shark Liver Oil! This powerful formula delivers 500 mg of Shark Cartilage per serving, containing a minimum of 20% Alkoxyglycerols. Our quick-release softgels are tested to match our exceptional purity and potency standards, delivering sheer quality from this 200 softgel supply.

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