Horse Chestnut Standardized Extract, 300 mg, 90 Capsules

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What is Horse Chestnut?

Horse chestnut is a traditional herb native to the Balkan Peninsula. This ornamental tree was first introduced to the United Kingdom from Turkey in the late 16th century. The tree’s fruit contains large seeds that possess nutrient-rich components most notably Aescin, a powerful botanical compound. Horse chestnuts are not edible, making supplementation the most viable way to benefit from their seeds.

Lindberg Horse Chestnut Extract

- Horse Chestnut Extract (300 mg)

- Standardized to Contain 20% Aescin

- Calendula Flower (Marigold)

- 90 Capsule Supply

Traditional Herb Formula

At Lindberg, our Horse Chestnut Extract is derived from a superior source of this traditional herb, standardized to contain 20% Aescin, along with calendula flower (marigold) for additional antioxidant support. Daily quick-release capsules are easy to take, so you can benefit from this bountiful herb day in and day out!

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