Intense Renewal Serum, 1 fl oz (29.6 mL) Pump Bottle

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A New Generation of Beauty Oil — Intense Renewal Serum

Intense Renewal Serum is a luxurious beauty oil with antioxidant vitamins E and C, jojoba oil, and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids. This innovative cosmeceutical serum provides concentrated ingredients that help transform dull, lifeless skin into healthy-looking, radiant skin. Intense Renewal Serum is based on the original beauty oil developed by the Lindberg founders which has been passed down by 4 generations. 

Lindberg Features

- Luxurious Beauty Oil

- Omega 3-6-9

- Vitamin C & E

- Antioxidants

- Dermatologist Tested

Core Ingredients

Vitamin E

Includes all eight compounds of the preferred form of vitamin E. They provide antioxidant protection and support.

Omega 3-6-9

Helps to fortify and revitalize the skin's natural moisture barrier, which can keep the skin looking soft, smooth, and healthy.

Vitamin C

Provides antioxidant protection and support in combination with vitamin E. It helps to brighten the skin and establish a more even skin tone.

Buriti Oil

Provides additional antioxidant protection for more radiant skin. It is one of the richest sources of natural carotenoids.

Organic Açaí Fruit Oil

Contains superfruit plant compounds like antioxidants, vitamins, anthocyanins, and omega-6 & 9 fatty acids.

Jojoba Seed Oil

Provides exceptional moisture control and helps keep skin smooth and silky-soft.


A natural oil extracted only from olives, squalane is an exceptional moisturizer. It’s a light emollient, which helps soften and soothe the skin, and also acts as a lubricant on the skin’s surface, helping enhance a smooth appearance.**


Derived from soy, lecithin is an important ingredient for sensitive skin. It contains natural fatty acids and is an emulsifier.

Lavender Oil

This pure and natural essential oil has a long history of benefits to the skin.

This formula is even more amazing than the original with its luxurious effects on skin appearance! Just one or two pumps daily provide all eight compounds of natural vitamin E, a unique form of vitamin C, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids synergistically blended for unparalleled benefits for all skin types. It’s truly the ultimate in skin nutrition!

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