L-Glutamine, 500 mg, 100 Quick Release Capsules

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What is L-Glutamine?

Glutamine has been revered in sport’s nutrition and wellness traditions for hundreds of years! This ingredient makes up the building blocks of protein and is the most common naturally occurring amino acid in the body. During a rigorous workout, your body can become depleted of Glutamine making supplementation an important factor of refueling. Looking for the best L-Glutamine supplement for high-quality, natural support?

Lindberg L-Glutamine

- L-Glutamine (2,000 mg)

- Quick-Release Capsules

- Gluten-Free Verified

Highly Bioavailable Formula

Lindberg L-Glutamine is the best way to get maximum bioavailability from naturally occurring amino acid L-Glutamine. Our gluten-free formula is a powerful source, supplying 2,000 mg (2g) of glutamine in free form that’s more easily absorbed within the body. Quick-release capsules make it easier than ever to add glutamine to your routine and are a valuable addition to any health and fitness regimen.

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