Molybdenum, 500 mcg, 200 Quick Release Capsules

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What is Molybdenum?

Molybdenum is an essential trace mineral in the body, along with iron and magnesium. This antioxidant is present in soil and naturally occurring in plant-based foods and the animals that consume them.

Though your body only needs trace amounts, this mineral is still a key nutrient. It can be obtained through mineral-rich foods such as legumes, cereal grains, leafy vegetables, and dairy. If your diet lacks these food groups because of restrictions, a mineral supplement can help fill in nutritional gaps.

PipingRock Features

- Molybdenum (500 mcg)

- Molybdenum amino acid chelate

- Essential trace mineral

- Convenient quick-release capsules

Antioxidant Support*

At PipingRock, purity and potency standards are important to us. This is why we set out to find the best source of this plant-based antioxidant that will provide you with the most support. Our Molybdenum supplement contains 500 mcg of this trace mineral which is 1,111% of your daily value! Quick-release capsules make it super convenient to add to your daily vitamin regimen. What makes our formula so unique?

We designed PipingRock Molybdenum with Molybdenum in chelated form. This special chelation process bounds Molybdenum mineral to an amino acid for maximum absorption. This formula offers supreme antioxidant support for your daily vitamin regimen. Our mineral supplements are manufactured in-house in our GMP certified facility and tested to ensure superior purity, potency, and quality. Receive superior value today with our 100-day supply!

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