Nattokinase (2,000 FU), 100 mg, 60 Quick Release Capsules

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What is Nattokinase?

A staple to Asian cuisines, natto is a fermented soybean that is most prominent in Japanese culture. History of natto consumption dates back thousands of years where it was used by Samurai Warriors as a nutritional superpower. The fermentation process of this soybean superfood creates a special enzyme known as nattokinase. The best way to get a superior concentration of this enzyme is from a nutritional supplement.

Lindberg Ultra Nattokinase

- Nattokinase (100 mg)

- Gluten-Free Verified

- Quick-Release Capsules

- 2,000 Fibrinolytic Units (FU’s)

Advanced Formulation

Lindberg Ultra Nattokinase is the ultimate source of this soybean-derived enzyme. Our advanced formula provides 2,000 fibrinolytic units (FU) from non-genetically engineered soy for ultimate support. It is lab-tested to ensure maximum purity and potency, delivering the utmost quality and for your wellness routine. Enjoy amazing value with our 60-capsule supply!

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