Omega -3-6-7-9 (Natural Peach), 120 Vegan Gummies

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Ultimate Plant Sourced Omega 3-6-7-9

Research shows that a diet containing an abundance of Omega fatty acids can have many nutritional benefits. The oil derived from Omega-rich foods such as fish and many plants provides a wide variety of naturally occurring nutrients. Now you can experience your omegas in a whole new way with the delicious taste of a gummy!

PipingRock Omega 3-6-7-9 Gummies

At PipingRock our vegan gummy formula features a 360 mg Plant-Sourced Complex per serving, providing a wide range of Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 for ultimate support. They're also bursting with delicious flavor. Our gummies are made with natural peach flavor and no artificial flavor, so nothing will stand in your way of feeling your best every day.

PipingRock’s Promise

We proudly offer you our ever-growing selection of Vitamin & Supplement products designed to help you achieve your wellness goals at the best value in the industry! The beauty lies in the depth of our assortment. PipingRock carries hundreds of unique products for Men & Women of all ages. Our advanced selection includes powders, softgels, liquids and organic formulas with premium ingredients, sourced from all over the globe. We’re continuously adding Non-GMO, Vegan, Organic and Gluten-Free options to meet all your nutritional needs. Our robust product line is evolving everyday as we consistently strive to give you the best.

About PipingRock’s Quality

You’ve found your One-Stop-Shop for Vitamins & Supplements at PipingRock. Our exclusive formulas are crafted in our own “GMP Certified” manufacturing facilities. We verify PipingRock products with third-party, FDA-registered agencies to ensure quality & purity. Each product goes through hundreds of checks, in-process and post-production. Furthermore, we can assure you that everything that is on our label is consistent with what goes into our Vitamins & Supplements. We guarantee purity, potency, safety and innovation in everything we do.

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