Plant Sterols Complex w/ Beta Sitosterol 1200 mg (per serving), 120 Quick Release Capsules

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  • Naturally Occurring Phytosterol
  • Therapeutic Grade
  • Quick Release Capsules

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Plant Sterols are naturally occurring substances found in all plants. They can also be found in common foods like almonds, sesame seeds, whole wheat, and lentils. While plant sterols are beneficial, most people aren’t getting the recommended daily intake of them. Our supplement provides an easy, convenient way to get 1200 mg of a plant sterols complex each day. We’ve incorporated different types of sterols into our formula to give you the best quality product. Included is Beta Sitosterol, Campersterol, and Sigmasterol. Our easy-to-swallow, quick-release capsules will be a great addition to your lifestyle—grab a bottle today!

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