Standardized Turmeric Curcumin Complex, 500 mg, 240 Quick Release Capsules

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  • Full Spectrum Complex
  • Turmeric Root Powder, Standardized Extract, and Concentrated Extract
  • With Black Pepper for Enhanced Absorption
  • Quick Release Capsules

How are our capsules made?

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Prized Indian Spice

Benefit from one of the finest aspects of herbal wellness with PipingRock’s Standardized Turmeric Curcumin Complex supplements! More than just a kitchen spice, turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Asian and Indian wellness practices.

The rhizome of turmeric naturally contains plant-based antioxidants called curcuminoids, notably curcumin. This nutrient helps fight the cell-damaging effects of free radicals while supporting overall wellness.** Experience the benefits of turmeric with our top-quality Turmeric supplements today!

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