Taurine, 500 mg, 100 Quick Release Capsules

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What is Taurine?

Taurine is a non-essential sulfur-containing amino acid. It is one of the most abundant free amino acids in the body, second only to glutamine in the muscle amino acid pool. It is found in many tissues, including the heart, retina, skeletal muscles, nervous system, and brain. This necessary building block of protein can become depleted from intense physical exertion. A supplement can help restore in the body what is lost during this exertion process.

Lindberg Features

- Taurine (500 mg)

- Free Form Amino Acid

- Guaranteed Purity & Potency

- Quick-Release Capsules

Pharmaceutic Grade Formula

The most common way to add taurine to your routine is with an energy drink. However, these energy drinks are loaded with sugar and other artificial ingredients that detract from their nutritional value. We have crafted some different, a simple taurine formula without all that other stuff…

Lindberg Pharmaceutic Grade Taurine delivers a potent supply of this amino acid in each 500 mg capsule. Our free-form supplement is naturally gluten-free and tested to ensure maximum purity and potency for your ultimate support. Choose Lindberg today as your trusted source for quality and value!

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