The Essential Oils Book, 152 Pages, 1 Book

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- Creating personalized blends for mind & body

- Dozens of simple step-by-step recipes featuring essential oils

- Written by Colleen K. Dodt, an herbalist for over 15 years

Creating Personal Blends for Mind & Body

Fragrant essences lift the spirits, stimulate the senses, and enhance relaxation after a trying day. This practical guide shows how essential oils--used in the home and on the go--can greatly improve the quality of busy lives.

Comprehensive information on the essential oils extracted from herbs, flowers, roots, barks, and resins includes which ones to use regularly, which to use with caution, and which to avoid altogether. Dozens of simple step-by-step recipes feature essential oils for:

- Scenting homes, offices, and vehicles
- Creating blends for safe, fragrant cleaning products
- Making special mixtures

An herbalist for fifteen years, Colleen Dodt grows many of the plants she uses in her work. She is the owner of Herbal Endeavours, Ltd., in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and the author of numerous articles on herbs and aromatherapy.

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