Collagen Peptides Type I & III Powder PeptiFit, 1 lb (454 g) Bottle

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What is PeptiFit?

Collagen protein makes up a majority of the protein in your body. So why not make sure you’re receiving the best source? Peptifit is Fitness Lab’s exclusive trademarked Collagen formula. It’s made with Collagen peptides (Type 1 & 3) for maximum benefit.  PeptiFit is specially designed to provide reliable support for your post-workout regimen.

Fitness Labs PeptiFit Collagen

Whether you’re competing on the field or in the gym, your body needs nutrients from protein. Fitness Labs premium-grade supplement delivers this dual collagen combo in one dynamic formula! A 1-1/4 scoop serving provides 11,000 mg (11g) of Collagen Peptide Powder that is:

-Keto, and Paleo Friendly

-Fat Free, Sugar Free & Carb Free

-Unflavored and Perfect for Shakes!


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