Complete Digestant Multi Enzyme + Probiotic, 120 Quick Release Capsules

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Complete Digestant — Multi-Enzyme + Probiotics

When consuming big meals, sometimes you need a little extra support. Your body produces its own enzymes that it uses to break down foods. However, sometimes certain foods we eat don’t break down properly. A multi-enzyme supplement can help provide your body with the enzymes it needs for proper digestion and nutrient absorption.**

Complete Digestant provides a potent blend of enzymes for ultimate support. Each convenient capsule is a combination of pancreatin, betaine hydrochloride, and vegetarian pepsin (acid-stable protease blend), plus other key enzymes. Best consumed along with protein, carbohydrates, fat, legumes, vegetables, grains, and lactose.**

Lindberg Features

- Multi-Enzyme Formula

- Premium Probiotic Blend

- Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

- Quick-Release Capsules

Full-Spectrum Support**

Lindberg Complete Digestant is the ultimate wide-ranging digestive support supplement! Our scientifically-designed formula features Betaine Hydrochloride, as well as four times (4x) strength Pancreatin, a potent source of Amylase (carbohydrate enzyme), Protease (protein enzyme), and Lipase (fat enzyme). It also contains Papain 2,000,000 PU/g, Bromelain 600 GDU/g, Cellulase 5,000 CU/g, and Ox Bile Extract standardized to 45% Cholic Acid. Simply take two quick-release capsules, before or after meals for optimal support.

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