Grass Fed Beef Tallow, 3120 mg (per serving), 200 Quick Release Softgels

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Fueling a Carnivore Lifestyle

Centuries ago, our ancestors thrived off a carnivore lifestyle. These animal-based ingredients possess a wide range of nutrients that powered their lifestyles as hunter-gatherers. At PipingRock, we’re bringing tradition back, with our premium line of grass-fed supplements! Our formulas are derived from pasture-raised animals, hormone and pesticide-free, in either Argentina or New Zealand, providing the best support you need to support your carnivore lifestyle.

PipingRock’s Formula

- Grassfed Tallow (3,120 mg)

- Pasture-Raised Bovine

- From Argentina or New Zealand

- Non-GMO & Hormone, Pesticide Free

- Grain-Free

Grassfed Tallow

Our Grassfed Tallow supplement is derived from a prime source of bovine, pasture-raised, hormone, and pesticide-free for superior quality. Quick-release capsules deliver a powerful 3,120 mg serving of bovine liver, an exceptional source of nutrients to help fuel a carnivore lifestyle and keep you on top.

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