L-Methylfolate, 15 mg, 90 Quick Release Capsules

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  • L-Methylfolate (15 mg)
  • Essential Nutrient
  • Therapeutic Grade Formula
  • Gluten-Free & Non-GMO
  • Quick-Release Capsules

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What is L-Methylfolate?

Methylfolate is the purest form of Vitamin B9 Folate, an essential B-vitamin found in various whole foods and dairy. Methylfolate is the more readily available form of Folate, known as vitamin B9. An L-Methylfolate supplement is the most efficient way to add this beneficial vitamin to your daily wellness routine for potent nutritional support!

PipingRock L-Methylfolate

- Metabolically Active Form of Folic Acid

- L-Methylfolate (15 mg)

- Quick-Release Capsules

Maximum Strength Formula

Take your wellness goals to the next level with PipingRock L-Methyfolate (Maximum Strength). We use expert sourcing methods and advanced manufacturing to bring you a cutting-edge L-Methylfolate formula. A single quick-release capsule delivers 15 mg of this beneficial ingredient! It’s gluten-free, non-GMO and quality tested for guaranteed excellence.

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