Probiotic 14 Strains 50 Billion Organisms plus Prebiotic, 100 Vegetarian Capsules

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Go with Your Gut!

Probiotics are the organisms that colonize the digestive tract, found in nutritious foods like yogurt. A high-quality probiotic formula can bring you a balanced blend of friendly bacteria that works best with your nutrition plan.

Introducing PipingRock® Probiotic-14, a next generation probiotic formula. This premium supplement features a targeted 14 strain complex with 50 billion active organisms plus FOS prebiotic in each serving.** We conduct scientific testing on our probiotics to measure purity and potency, always bringing you superior quality nutritional support you can rely on for your daily routine.

**at time of manufacture

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PipingRock's Passion for Quality is Backed by In-house Advanced Analytical Testing

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